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Swiftcover provides fast, online quotes for car and travel insurance. Get a quote today for Car Insurance with Swiftcover. Yes, Swiftcover car insurance is one of a small hand full of insurance companies that are 100% internet based; they do not have any call centres, so they only sell insurance policies online. Swiftcover was set up in 2005 from a couple of executives from Churchill insurance. Swiftcover have won many awards such as Best Value car Insurer by and Best Car Insurance Provider at the Personal Finance Awards in 2010. Comparing Swiftcover car insurance against the rest of the marketplace is a good tactic to ensure that you have the cheapest deal, in most cases they are very competitive because of their low overheads business model.

Swiftcover Contact Details

Swiftcover contact details:
Address: Swiftcover Insurance Services Ltd, Swift House, Walnut Tree Place, Woking, Surrey GU23 7HL
Phone Number: 0871 271 1113

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