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Alliance & Leicester is a UK financial services group offering a range of mortgage, investment, personal banking and insurance products, cash transmission services and corporate banking facilities. Get a quotation for Current Account, Unsecured Loans with Alliance and Leicester. Now Alliance & Leicester trades under the name Santander, as is was changed in 2010 by Santander. Alliance & Leicester has several main areas of business, mortgages, investments, personal banking and commercial banking. They also provide to UK consumers general insurance products too, like life insurance, plus credit cards, current accounts, loans and mortgages. One of the most common products is personal loans, so why not compare Alliance and Leicester loans; they always offer very competitive interest rates on their loans. For more information on all their products and company news visit their website. The Official Alliance & Leicester website.

Alliance And Leicester Contact Details

Alliance & Leicester contact details:
Address: Alliance & Leicester plc, Customer Service Centre, Carlton ParkNarborough, Leicester LE19 0AL
Phone Number: 0800 015720

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